Lemon Cookie Sandwiches

Lemon Cookie Sandwiches


One of my favourite dessert choices when we go out for dinner is Italian Lemon Tart, the bright lemon filling with the crisp pastry base. Sweet vs tart, Perfection! These cookies are inspired by just this. The filling for the cookies is the same lemon filling used in lemon tarts, paired with the sweet lemon cookies, it works so well!

Lemon Cookie Sandwich Recipe (makes 12 Cookie Sandwiches)

115g softened butter

200g caster sugar

1 egg

Zest of 1 lemon (keep the lemon for the filling)

1 tsp vanilla extract

200g plain flour

1/2 tsp bicarb

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

Preheat the oven to 175C. Line 2 baking trays.

Sift the flour, bicarb, baking powder and salt and stir with a whisk to evenly distribute.

Beat the butter and sugar until pale.

Add the egg and combine, add the vanilla extract and lemon zest and mix. Scrape down the bowl to ensure all is mixed well.

Add the flour mixture and combine.

Place mixture into the fridge for 1 hour to make it easier to roll into balls.

To ensure you have equal sized cookies to match up at the end I weighed my dough at 24g per ball.

Place 6 per tray and gently flatten a little with your fingers.

Bake for 8-10 minutes while you weigh & roll the next batch of cookies. Continue until you have made 24 cookies.

Allow cookies to cool on the tray before removing as they will still be soft.

In the meanwhile make the lemon filling.

Lemon cream filling

235g sugar

2 eggs

135g butter

50ml lemon juice (about 2 lemons)

Place all ingredients into a small pot.

On a medium heat whisk continuously until the butter is all melted and all the ingredients are combined.

Turn the heat up to high and boil for 4 mins whisking all the time.

Take the mixture off the heat and as it cools it will become thicker. It will not become solid.

While it is cooling make your buttercream.

Vanilla buttercream filling

100g butter softened

200g icing sugar

1tsp vanilla extract

Beat the butter for 2 mins until paler in colour.

Sift icing sugar into butter and beat for 6 mins.

Add vanilla extract and beat for 2 mins.

Choose a piping tip and fill a piping bag with the icing. Pipe an icing ring onto the cookies leaving a space in the middle for the lemon.

Spoon or pipe the lemon filling into the cookies and place another cookie on top.

I hope you give this recipe a try. The sweet lemon cookie with the tart lemon filling is perfect!


Chocolate Woodland Cake

Chocolate Woodland Cake


Happy New Year Lovely’s! I hope you all had a fabulous festive season with family and friends. I’m really excited for 2018, I love nothing more than starting a new planner, writing up my hopes and goals for a new year and working to reach them.

This blog will have a few changes this year, trying to bake, take pics, edit and write a post every week is rather constraining on my creativeness. I will rather post twice a month and hope to have a beautiful cake using different techniques and one other recipe to share. I will still be baking all the time and sharing pics and sometimes recipes on Instagram and Facebook so if you don’t follow me yet, make sure to find me so you don’t miss out.

I recently made this gorgeous woodland themed chocolate cake. I used my Chocolate Sponge Cake Recipe (below), filled it with dark chocolate ganache, covered it with chocolate American Buttercream and chocolate bark shards. I decorated it using American buttercream which was piped onto the chocolate bark, I used a grass tip for the grass and added cute little ladybug and toadstool macarons to bring it to life. The door was made with polymer clay which is safe to use on food but is not edible.

Chocolate Sponge Cake – 6″ tins

225g softened butter

225g soft brown sugar

4 eggs

1tsp vanilla extract

200g plain flour

55g cocoa powder

2 tsp baking powder

Preheat the oven to 160°C and line the base of your 6″ tins with a circle of baking paper.

Cream the butter and sugar, until pale and fluffy.

On a medium speed add eggs one at a time mixing each in completely before adding the next.

Add vanilla extract. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and ensure everything is evenly mixed.

In a separate bowl sift the flour, cocoa and baking powder and using a whisk mix evenly. Add half the dry mixture to the wet and combine. Scrape down the sides and mix in the other half.

Evenly divide your mixture between the two cake tins and spread it out evenly.

Bake at 160°C for 30-35 mins until a skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean.

Chocolate Ganache

500g dark chocolate

200g cream

On half power on your microwave, heat the chocolate until softened but not melted.

Heat cream until almost boiling. Pour cream over chocolate and stir until glossy.

Chocolate Shards

Gently melt chocolate in the microwave until smooth and spreadable. Cut 2 sheets of parchment paper long enough to wrap around your cake plus a little overlap. Pour melted chocolate onto baking or parchment paper and spread into a thin layer. Place the second sheet of paper on top and roll into a tube. Secure loosely with a band or clip ensuring not to dent the paper. Once cooled and solidified, slowly unroll the paper creating bark shaped slithers to attach to your cake.

I hope you enjoyed this post and get a chance to bake a chocolate cake to enjoy with family and friends. If you have any ideas or requests of recipes you’d like to see in the future, please leave a comment below.


Cinnamon Apple Sandwich Cookies

Cinnamon Apple Sandwich Cookies


We are truly in the grips of winter already and this is a wonderful time of year for baking! Spicey gingerbread cookies filling the house with an amazing smell, juicy fruit cake with a cup of tea & for me peppermint candy canes too.

I will baking all these goodies in the lead up to Christmas so keep your eyes peeled for fabulous festive treats. Today though, I have Cinnamon Apply Sandwich Cookies for you.

Cinnamon Apple Sandwich Cookies

115g melted butter

200g soft brown sugar

1 egg

1 tsp vanilla extract

200g plain flour

1tsp ground cinnamon

1/2tsp ground ginger

1/4tso all spice

1/2 tsp bicarbonate

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

Sift flour, spices , bicarb, baking powder & salt and mix well.

Melt butter in a microwave safe container.

Put brown sugar & egg into a mixing bowl & mix until pale.

Add all the melted butter and a little flour at a time while mixing in a low speed.

Once all combined cover with cling film and leave in the fridge for at least an hour.

Preheat oven to 160 C. Line baking trays with parchment paper.

Roll cookie dough into balls. To ensure that you get equal sized cookies to match up I recommend that you weigh each ball. I weighed mine to 28g each.

Place 6 round balls onto a lined baking tray and flatten a little with your fingers while still keeping them round. They will spread, don’t try to squeeze more on at a time.

Bake for 8-10 minutes while you weigh & roll the next batch of cookies.

Allow cookies to cool on the tray before removing as they will still be soft.


For the apple filling


1tsp cinnamon

2 TBS brown sugar

Wash and then peel an apple. Chop the apple into about 1cm sized pieces. Add cinnamon and sugar and mix well.

Place on a low heat for about 39 mins until the apple pieces have broken down and the mixture is thick. Leave to cool until ready to fill the cookies.

Buttercream filing

100g softened butter

200g icing sugar

2TBS caramel

Beat the butter for 2 mins until paler in colour.

Sift icing sugar into butter and beat for 6 mins.

Add caramel and mix for another 2 mins.

Choose a piping tip and fill a piping bag with the icing. Pipe a circle of icing onto the cookies. Fill the middle of the Cookie with cooked apple.

Sandwich the cookies and enjoy. These cookies will only be good for 2 days due to the moisture of the filling, they are best assembled shortly before being eaten.

If you give this recipe a try please post a pic & tag #sprinklesinthewild, it would also be great if you followed us in Instagram or Facebook.


Caramel Surprise Cupcakes

Caramel Surprise Cupcakes


After having a fabulous week in London at Fair Cake learning some new skills especially all about sugar flowers, I’m ready to bake in my own kitchen again. I tend to stick to my tried and tested recipes but I’ve recently become rather obsessed with caramel everything, which reminded me about this recipe which I haven’t made in ages!


I’m continuing the rainbow theme with these scrumptious Caramel Surprise Cupcakes topped with rainbow buttercream!

You know by now that I love a recipe that is easy to change up and this one is perfect. Your choices are unlimited with what you choose to use as your surprise in the middle of your cupcakes. The original recipes calls for soft caramels but I couldn’t find any so I chose Rolos which are the perfect size.


Caramel Surprise Cupcakes

115g butter, softened

150g brown sugar

2 eggs

5g instant coffee granules

1TBS boiling water

280g plain flour

1 tsp baking powder

115ml milk

12 soft caramels/ rolos/ mars bites etc


Preheat the oven to 175°C and place 12 cupcake liners into a muffin tin.

Cream butter and sugar until pale and fluffy.

Crack the eggs into a bowl and give them a quick mix with a fork to break then down a bit. Slowly add the egg waiting for what you have added to be incorporated before adding more. Half way through you will need to scrape down the sides of the bowl before continuing.

Dissolve the coffee with the boiling water and mix into the butter mixture.


Sift the flour and baking powder and give it a good mix to ensure it is well distributed.

Add half the flour and mix until combined.

Add half the milk and repeat with the rest.

Place a tablespoon full of mixture into each cupcake wrapper and place a caramel/rolo on top, push it in a little but not all the way to the bottom. Place another tablespoon of mixture on top to cover your surprise.

Bake for 20 mins or until a skewer inserted into the cupcake comes out clean. Try to skewer around your surprise or you won’t be able to tell anything about the cake.

Cool in the tin for 5 mins before removing to a wire wrack to cool.

You could eat these warm with a spoon of vanilla ice cream, plain as they are or wait until they have cooled down to pipe buttercream onto them.

Buttercream Rainbow

200g butter, softened

400g icing sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

Your choice of gel food colours

Beat the butter and sifted icing sugar for 8 mins.

Add vanilla extract and beat for another 2 mins.

Divide your icing into smaller bowls the same number as your chosen colours and colour your icing.

Put each colour into a separate small piping bag.

Cut a square sheet of cling wrap and lay it flat on the table. Pipe a stripe of each colour buttercream next to each other, you may need to add another layer on top to use up most of your buttercream.

Roll the cling wrap onto itself to make a big tube and twist one end. Place the open end into a large piping bag with your choice of tip inserted.

Decorate your cupcakes!

Enjoy your rainbow surprise, finding a caramel inside is almost like finding the pot of gold 😉


PB&J Chocolate Cake

PB&J Chocolate Cake


This is one of my favourite flavour combinations, peanut butter and chocolate just go together amazingly and last week happened to be my birthday! So… happy birthday to me and I got to scoff my favourite cake! It was made up of 4 layers of chocolate fudge cake, strawberry jam filling and peanut butter Swiss meringue buttercream. It was decorated with hand piped buttercream flowers using the fabulous White Flower Cake Shop piping tip 402. I’m still getting to grips with this tip but I am very happy with how my flowers turned out.

Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe

(Makes 2 x 6″ cakes each cut in half to make 4 layers)

265g self-raising flour

3 ¾ TBS cocoa

1 ½ tsp bicarbonate soda

225g caster sugar

3 eggs

225ml sunflower oil

225ml milk

2 tsp vanilla

1 TBS Nestle caramel (or other thick caramel)

Preheat the oven to 170°C

Line both tins with parchment paper, it makes removing the cake much easier.

Sieve self-raising flour, cocoa and bicarbonate soda into a bowl and stir in the caster sugar.

In another bowl whisk the eggs, add milk, oil, vanilla and caramel and whisk together.

Add liquid mixture to flour mixture and mix well. It will be quite runny.

Pour equally into the prepared cake tins.

Bake for 25-30 mins until a skewer comes out clean.

Cool in the tins for 5 mins before removing to a wire rack.

Once the cake is cool you can start to decorate it. I made Swiss Meringue Buttercream from my recipe here and added 3/4 of a cup of peanut butter just before it was ready.

I warmed 4 TBS of strawberry jam in the microwave and then pushed it through a small sieve to ensure no lumps or seeds were in it.

Once the cake is filled, stacked and crumb coated make sure it has enough time in the fridge to firm up before you start to decorate it.

I divided the remaining buttercream into different bowls and coloured it as I wished. I covered the cake before piping the flowers. You do not need to pipe directly into the cake, if you pipe onto parchment paper first and then place them into the fridge for 30 mins, they will be stable enough to move with an offset spatula.


Enjoy your cake! I hope you feel inspired to try this recipe and enjoy decorating it. If you do please tag me in the pic, I’d love to see!


Raspberry & White Chocolate Unicorn Cake

Raspberry & White Chocolate Unicorn Cake


I’m super excited about this week! I’ve wanted to make a unicorn cake for ages and finally I did! Also there are 4 more sleeps (can you tell I have kids?) until we go on holiday to South Africa and I get to see my family! Yay!

Firstly you will need some gumpaste or florist paste which dries hard, to make your horn & ears. I used white as finding colours can be difficult. I rolled a tube of gumpaste with either end tapered to a point, folded it in half and then twisted it together. I pushed a cake pop stick up the middle so that I could secure the horn to the cake. I also used a tiny bit is edible glue to stick the horn so that it didn’t unravel as it dried. You need to make the horn well ahead of time as it is thick and takes a while to dry.


Next I rolled out some gumpaste and used a raindrop shaped cutter to cut out the ears. I coloured the center in with pink edible marker and pinched the bottom closed to make the ear shape.

Once the horn was dry I used gold food paint to paint it gold.


Raspberry and Vanilla Cake Recipe

(makes 3 x 6″ round cakes)

338g butter softened

338g caster sugar

6 eggs

2 tsp vanilla extract

338g plain flour

3 tsp baking powder

60g freeze dried raspberries

Cream the butter & sugar together until pale and fluffy

Add 1 egg at a time, mixing it in before adding the next.

Add vanilla extract. Ensure with each step that you scrape down the sides of the bowl with a spatula to ensure everything is well mixed.

Sift flour & baking powder and add to the butter mixture, mix until just combined.

Time to add the freeze dried raspberries! The bag I bought were all whole raspberries which are pretty for decoration but better crushed for a cake. Tip the raspberry pieces into the mixture and mix until evenly combined.

I always line the base of my cake tins as the cake comes out so easily this way. Divide the mixture evenly between your tins and level using an offset spatula.

Bake at 160°C for 30-35 mins. Check the cake is done by inserting a skewer into the middle of the cake, it should come out clean. If you think the top of the cake is starting to look too dark but the cake is not ready yet, place a sheet of baking paper over the top while in the oven.

Remove from the oven & cool in the tin for 5 mins before removing to a wire rack.

I made Swiss Meringue Buttercream to decorate the cake, you can find my recipe in the link above and I made 1 and a half times the recipe. I melted and cooled 2/3 cup of white chocolate and slowly poured into into the completed icing.

In 3 smaller bowls I placed 100g of icing each and coloured each bowl a different colour, pink, teal & lilac.


Level your cake layers to all the same size and I also trimmed off the darker outer layer and the base using a bread knife.


Stack & crumb coat your cake and place in the fridge for an hour. It was super hot the day I did this and I was terrified the finished cake was going to slide apart as once the horn & ears go on, it cannot go back into the fridge!

Ice the outer layer of your cake and level the top. I placed the horns and ears on before I started piping. Pipe your unicorns mane using the different coloured icing, I also used 3 different piping tips.

Colour a small amount of left over icing black for the eyes. I used a round cookie cutter to mark out where the eyes should be and then pipped the eyes using a 2 piping tip.

Stand back & admire your magical unicorn. I was lucky enough to receive a picture of my cake at the venue, which made me very happy!




Neapolitan Monster Cake

Neapolitan Monster Cake


Wow, we’re already on the 1st of May! One third of the way though 2017. I’ve recently reviewed my goals (yes, most people would do that quarterly but I’m not like most people) and plans for this year and some of them are on track and a few have fallen by the wayside. My original plan for this blog has gone slightly off track and I am now pulling it back this month. I’m all about the pretty and cute cakes and treats but I got distracted with sharing all my favourite recipes. While yummy flavour combinations and new ways of doing things will always excite me, I’m going to try focusing on the part that I love the most, decorating!

This weeks cake is a good combination of both cute decoration and exciting flavours with decadent neapolitan cake layers and fillings. I made the bow with florist paste which sets hard but the rest is all swiss meringue buttercream and I just love how versatile it is.


There are 2 separate cake recipes below as I made the vanilla and strawberry mix together and then the chocolate cake after. The feet are made in a similar way to cake pops. I crumbed the off cuts from levelling the cakes and mixed in some buttercream so that I was able to make the shape I wanted and added it to the cake after the crumb coat had set.

Vanilla ingreds

Vanilla & Strawberry Cake

225g butter, softened

225g caster sugar

225g plain flour

2 tsp baking powder

4 eggs

1 tsp vanilla extract

½ tsp strawberry flavouring

¼ tsp pink gel food colouring

Heat the oven to 175°C

Line 2 x 6″ cake tins with parchment paper

Cream butter and sugar until pale and fluffy, scrape down the sides to ensure it is well mixed.

Sieve flour and baking power together and stir so that it is evenly mixed.

Add 1 egg at a time to the butter mixture with the mixer on a low speed and alternate with a ¼ of the flour.

Once all the eggs and flour have been combined divide the mixture in half. In one bowl add the vanilla extract and mix well. In the other bowl add the strawberry flavouring and pink food colouring and mix to ensure the colour is even.

Place the mixture into the cake tins and spread to flatten.

Bake for 30-35 mins on the middle shelf. To check they are done insert a skewer into the middle of the cake which should come out clean.

Allow to cool in the tin for 10mins before removing to a cooling rack.


Choc ingreds

Chocolate Cake

113g butter, softened

113g caster sugar

100g plain flour

1 tsp baking powder

20g cocoa powder

2 eggs

Heat the oven to 175°C

Line one 6″ cake tin with parchment paper

Cream butter and sugar until pale and fluffy, scrape down the sides to ensure it is well mixed.

Sieve flour, cocoa and baking power together and stir so that it is evenly mixed.

Add 1 egg at a time to the butter mixture with the mixer on a low speed and alternate with a ½ of the flour.

Once all the eggs and flour have been combined place the mixture into the cake tin and spread to flatten.

Bake for 30-35 mins on the middle shelf. To check it is done insert a skewer into the middle of the cake which should come out clean.

Allow to cool in the tin for 10mins before removing to a cooling rack.

Fillings and Buttercream

I made 1 and a half of my standard Swiss Meringue Buttercream, recipe in the link, and flavoured it with vanilla bean paste. I removed 2 tbsp of icing before colouring the rest purple. I will use the white icing for the white of the eye, then colour it blue for the iris and then colour it black for the pupil.

For the strawberry layer I microwaved ¼ jar of good strawberry jam in a microwave safe bowl for 20 seconds and then pushed it through a small sieve to remove seeds and lumps.

For the chocolate layer I made milk chocolate ganache with 60ml of cream and 200g of milk chocolate.

Ready to ice

Next up I levelled the cakes to all the same height and then cutting each layer in half to make 2 layers of each. I kept the dome on the vanilla cake as my monster has a round head.

I’ve never owned a cake turntable and always been quite happy to decorate a cake on an upside down bowl but I recently bought one and boy am I glad I did. While my old way was manageable, this was soooooo much easier. I highly recommend them if you enjoy cake decorating. I didn’t by a fancy one and it was just off Amazon but it was a way smoother experience than my usual way.

When stacking a cake always remember to put a little icing down on the board before placing your first cake layer on. I made a little video of me stacking the cake which will go up on Instagram and Facebook this week if you’d like to watch. It’s rather mesmerising when its all sped up.

On each layer I made a boarder with the buttercream before filling it and stacking the next layer. I then crumb coated the cake before placing it in the fridge for 1 hour. I wanted the icing to be really set before I tried to pipe the eye.

I huge storm cloud then came over and I lost all my light and I couldn’t capture the cake with just the eye, the feet being added or me piping the monster’s fur. You could use any star shaped tip you have. I used a big one for most of the fur and then filled in near the mouth and on the edge of the paw with a smaller star. Lastly placing her pretty green bow on her head.

Inside cake

I hope you find a fun way to make a neapolitan cake, I really loved the different flavours together and really enjoyed making my little monster.

Have a great week!


Easter Bunny & Carrot Macarons

Easter Bunny & Carrot Macarons


I am so excited about this post as I have been obsessed with/ practicing macarons for about the last year. I’ve tried Italian and French methods and many different recipes and I’ve finally found what works for me and I thought I’d share it with you.

I came across an amazing macaron blog, with full written tutorials and videos and I have to say that if you follow the recipe to a T, you will be able to make macarons! It’s called Indulge with Mimi and you have to check her out!

While all the details Mimi gives are very important to making beautiful macarons, the top tips I’ve taken away are:

1) Use a handheld beater. I really battled to get the meringue stiff enough in my big Kenwood mixer and my guess is that the bowl is too big and the egg whites were too shallow to beat up stiff enough for what you need. My little, very old handheld beater did it in about 6 mins.

2) Beat the meringue until very stiff, so that when you stop beating it clumps inside the whisk.

3) Practice and test your oven. Every oven is different. I’ve discovered I get the best results if I remove all trays & racks except the one I’m using and it needs to be on the lowest rung.

I hope you will be inspired to take a look at Mimi’s blog, she is an encyclopedia of invaluable knowledge about macron making and I was definitely successful in following it all. Below I’ve rewritten the recipe but there are too many important tips on her blog to fit onto 1 of my posts so check her out.

French Macaron Recipe (makes 12 macarons)

50g aged egg whites

45g caster sugar

65g icing sugar

65g ground almonds

a pinch of salt

Gel food colouring


Ensure your bowl is oil free as egg whites will not whip up if there is any oil or water in the bowl. Age egg whites for at least 24 hours.

Download or draw templates to place under parchment paper to pipe your macarons all the same size.

Sieve ground almonds into a medium sized bowl, discarding any that do not go through the sieve. Sieve icing sugar, ensuring no hard lumps. Mix together well.

Start to whisk room temperature aged egg whites until foamy. Add pinch of salt.


Continue whisking until trails form. Add caster sugar 1/3 at a time.

Once all incorporated add food colouring. A little goes a long way but keep in mind that it will get paler when combined with the ground almonds & icing sugar.


Whisk until stiff peaks and when meringue clumps in the whisk when you stop. About 6 mins by my handheld beater.

Gently fold in 1/3 almond mixture and then fold in the rest. Be gentle folding but going through the middle every few folds. You need some air in the meringue to create the feet while baking.


Once you reach a lava/honey/ribbon state stop mixing. The mixture should flow off the spatula not drop but should not be runny or when you pipe the macarons you’ll end up with one giant macaron tray! (I have done this, still edible but NOT pretty!)


Gently pour the batter into a piping bag and pipe to the size of your template. Remove the template from under the parchment paper and rap the tray on the table a few times to remove any large air bubbles that will cause your macarons to crack when they bake.

Leave to sit for about 30mins until a skin has formed, they should look matte and you can touch one & nothing sticks to your finger.

Preheat your oven to 160°C and bake for 12-14 mins. While you are new to this watch them carefully and keep an eye on your ovens temperature. Using an oven thermometer inside the oven can help you check that your oven doesn’t increase or decrease temp without you knowing.

Remove from the oven and tap a macaron shell, it should be firm and not wobble. If you can peel it off the parchment paper in one piece, they’re done. If not put them back for another minute.

Allow to cool on the tray before filling with buttercream or whatever filling you prefer. I decorated my macarons with edible food markers and a few sprinkles. My bunnies and carrots were filled with caramel buttercream and they went down a treat. Videos of this are on my Instagram & Facebook.

Store filled macarons in the fridge but return to room temperature before eating.


I hope you give these a try and enjoy the process. Have a super Easter!


Sprinkle Cookie Sandwiches

Sprinkle Cookie Sandwiches
So… this is my UK Mother’s Day post and it’s a goodie! I knew straight away that I wanted to make cookie sandwiches because we all know that Mum’s are the icing that keeps us all together. I just couldn’t decide what amazing flavour combo to go with?!
Then it struck me, sprinkles, it has to be sprinkles because sprinkles = unicorns and I know so many amazing Unicorn Mum’s. I found this quote in Pinterest & Instagram and… it’s basically all over the internet but I haven’t found where it originated.
Sprinkle Cookie Sandwiches (makes 24 cookies/ 12 sandwiches)
115g softened butter
200g caster sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
200g plain flour
1/2tsp bicarbonate
1/2tsp baking powder
1/4tsp salt
100g sprinkles of your choice
Preheat the oven to 190C
Beat the butter & sugar until pale.
Scrape down the sides and add the egg and beat.
Scrape down the sides and add vanilla extract and beat.
Sift the flour, bicarb, baking powder & salt together. Pour into the wet mixture.
Mix until just combined.
Add 80g of sprinkles and mix for a couple of seconds or by hand if you prefer.
Roll cookie dough into balls. To ensure that you get equal sized cookies to match up I recommend that you weigh each ball. I weighed mine to 27g each.
Place 6 round balls onto a lined baking tray and flatten a little with your fingers while still keeping them round. They will spread, don’t try to squeeze more on at a time.
Dip half of the flattened cookies into the remaining sprinkles and place them sprinkle side up, back on the baking tray, these will be the tops of your sandwiches.
Bake for 8-10 minutes while you weigh & roll the next batch of cookies.
Allow cookies to cool on the tray before removing as they will still be soft.
Vanilla buttercream filling
120g butter softened
240g icing sugar
1tsp vanilla extract
Beat the butter for 2 mins until paler in colour.
Sift icing sugar into butter and beat for 6 mins.
Add vanilla extract and beat for 2 mins.
Choose a piping tip and fill a piping bag with the icing. Pipe icing onto the cookies and put a lid on.


Enjoy your cookies!
Please tag #sprinklesinthewild if you try out this recipe, I’d love to see your pics!

Swiss Meringue Buttercream vs American Buttercream

Swiss Meringue Buttercream vs American Buttercream

One of the most important decisions to make when baking is what to cover your cake or cupcakes with. While you can do lots of different techniques with sugarpaste, many people don’t enjoy eating it.

I love to work with and eat buttercream but what do you prefer? Swiss Meringue Buttercream or American Buttercream? I grew up eating cake with American buttercream, mostly chocolate in flavour as that is always my Dad’s preference. While I still love chocolate American buttercream, I have learnt the dream, that is Swiss meringue buttercream too. I still make both as sometimes you just need a super sweet American buttercream topped cupcake



Below are both the recipes that I use, the quantities are enough to cover a 3 layer 6″ cake or 18 cupcakes with a bit left over. Below that you will find some flavour combination ideas but the world really is your oyster here.

American Buttercream

350g  softened butter (salted/unsalted I don’t mind)

700g icing sugar (aka powdered sugar)

2tsp vanilla extract (my favourite is vanilla bean paste with the little black dots)


Beat the butter for 5 mins until paler in colour.

Sieve icing sugar into mixer.

Start mixing slowly, once combined turn the speed up to medium/high and beat for about 10mins.

Scrape down the side and add your colouring and flavouring if you choose. Mix until combined.

You can make more or less as required just keep the ratio of double icing sugar to butter.


Swiss Meringue Buttercream

(You will require a candy thermometer for this)

buttercream_ingreds150g egg whites (room temperature) about 4 large eggs

250g caster sugar

340g softened butter

2tsp vanilla extract

1/4tsp salt

Wipe the mixer bowl and separate heat proof bowl, if required, with lemon juice or vinegar to remove any traces of grease.

Make a double boiler by placing simmering water below but without touching the mixing bowl or another heat proof bowl.


Add egg whites and caster sugar to the bowl, whisking constantly but gently until the temp reaches 60°C or until the sugar has completely dissolved and egg whites are hot.

Attach bowl to mixer or pour into mixer bowl and use the whisk attachment. Whip until the meringue is glossy and the bottom of the bowl no longer feels warm. About 7-10mins.


Switch to a mixer attachment and on a low speed add cubes of butter one at a time until all mixed in. Continue mixing until silky smooth.


Add vanilla and salt and continue mixing until well combined.

Scrape down the side and add your colouring and flavouring if you choose. Mix until combined.


If the buttercream curdles, keep mixing on a low speed and it will become smooth again. If the buttercream is too runny, refrigerate for about 15mins before continuing mixing.


There are a multitude of different flavour extracts that you can buy in tiny bottles. I love bubblegum, coconut, peppermint, lavender and rose water but you can also add additional ingredients to the buttercream for flavour.

Zest of 2 lemons or limes with 3 tbs of the juice

Peanut butter 3/4 cup (one of my all time favourites)

Chocolate 2/3 cup cooled melted chocolate (white, milk & dark all work)

Strawberry puree 2/3 cup with a pinch of black pepper


Lets not forget colouring, I use a gel food colour which does not affect the buttercream consistency while still giving you great vibrancy and you can find every colour in the rainbow.


Enjoy your baking and let me know what you prefer.