Apricot & Orange Slices

Apricot & Orange Slices


One of my favorite things about summer is all lovely fresh fruit, strawberries, watermelon, apricots, to be honest all of them! Although this recipe uses dried fruit, it has a lovely summer aroma and taste to it.

I also wanted to share a recipe that didn’t need to be covered in icing as I know a few people aren’t so keen on it. This recipe requires no icing as the flavour is amazing alone but I had a little vanilla buttercream left over from another project, so I piped a little swirl on top of half the slices and added some sprinkles coz you know how much I love sprinkles!


Apricot & Orange Slices

250g soft dried apricots

200g raisins

260ml orange juice

250g softened butter

3 large eggs

300g soft brown sugar

2tsp vanilla extract

350g plain flour

2 tsp baking powder


Cut the apricots into raisin sized pieces, using scissors is the quickest way.

Put the apricots and raisins into a saucepan and pour over the orange juice. Turn the heat up high and bring the fruit to the boil and then reduce the heat to medium for 15 mins or until the juice has been absorbed by the fruit. Be sure to give the pot a stir while it’s cooking so that nothing catches.

Turn off the heat and add the softened butter to the fruit. Stir gently until it has all melted. Remove from the heat & allow to cool while you continue.


Preheat the oven to 140C on a fan setting. Grease and line a 30 x 20 cm cake tin or roasting tray.

Sieve the flour & baking powder and stir it together.


Place the eggs, brown sugar and vanilla extract into the mixing bowl and mix on a low speed until well combined.


Add the fruit mixture and mix it in.

Add half the flour mixture and mix on low. Then add the remaining flour and mix until well combined.


Pour the mixture into your cake tin ensuring that it spreads to the corners.

Bake for 40 mins. Loosely cover the top with parchment paper to stop it turning too brown and then cook for another 15-20mins. This is a moist cake but a skewer inserted should come out clean.

Allow to cool for 10 mins in the pan before removing to a wire wrack to cool completely.

Slice into 24 squares or 18 rectangles.


Enjoy your fruity treat!


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