Glittering Golden Honeycomb

Glittering Golden Honeycomb


It has been grey, wet and cold this last week and I wonder if anyone has any chocolate left over from Easter. I do not , I love chocolate way too much but I thought that someone might be looking for something to do with theirs, so here’s a little idea.

Make honeycomb and dip it in melted chocolate. Its a home made Crunchie bar and makes a great thank you gift for a hostess or friend who needs a little cheering up.



100g caster sugar

4 tablespoons golden syrup

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

Left over Easter chocolate (optional)

Prepare a large heat proof container by lining it with a reusable baking liner or very well greased foil.

Add caster sugar and golden syrup to a medium size saucepan and mix together.

Place pan onto a medium heat and do not stir again. The mixture will melt and then start to bubble. After 3 mins drop a small amount of mixture into a glass of cold water and test for hard ball stage. If the mixture has gone hard you’ve reach hard ball stage, if not cook for another minute and test again.

Once hard ball stage has been reached take the pan off the heat, wait 30 seconds and add bicarb, whisk it in and quickly pour into your prepared container.


Allow to cool and set before breaking onto pieces.

Gently melt your chocolate and allow to stand for a few minutes so that it is not too thin. Dip honeycomb into chocolate or spoon chocolate on top and leave to set before storing in an airtight container.




P.S. honeycomb is amazing without any chocolate and very versatile, sprinkle it onto ice-cream or decorate cupcakes with it.




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