Rainbow Sugar Cookies

Rainbow Sugar Cookies


I hope your January is going well and if you have made goals for this year, that you are still on track.

Along with sprinkles, rainbows and bright colours make me happy, so to brighten this dreary January here are some lovely rainbow cookies to put a smile on your face. This is my standard sugar cookie recipe with gel paste food colouring. A while back I made pinwheel cookies with sprinkles on the outside but I decided to try something different this time. You can change up the colours to match any party theme or sports team you’re celebrating. This recipe is very versatile and can be used with cookie cutters too.

Sugar Cookie Dough

225g softened butter

225g caster sugar

1 egg

2 tsp vanilla extract

425g plain flour

1/2tsp salt

Bake at 170°C for about 8 mins

Cream the butter and sugar  until incorporated, don’t over do it as you want these cookies to hold their shape and not expand too much during baking. Scrape down the sides and mix again.

Add the egg, combine, scrape down the sides and mix again.

Add vanilla extract and combine.

Sift flour and salt into the mixing bowl. Mix on a low speed for 30 sec, when it clumps together it’s ready.

Divide the dough into 4 or 5 pieces depending on how many different colours you’d like and colour the dough. I used a gel paste food colouring as it doesn’t make the dough too sticky.

I then weighed out 10g of each colour and rolled them into sausages about 12cm long. You do not need to be this precise, I’m just a little OCD.

Lie 3 colours next to each other and put the remaining 2 on top. Roll this into a slightly thinner, longer sausage and divide into 4 pieces.

Roll each of the 4 pieces into sausages about 12cm long or thin enough to twist into a pretzel shape or whatever shape you’ve chosen to make.

Place your sausage onto your baking tray and twist into shape, it’s not very easy to move once you’ve shaped it as the dough is soft, so try to get it neatly in place.

Repeat with your remaining dough.


Once you have a tray full, turn the oven onto 170C and put the baking tray with cookies into the freezer for 10mins.

Once your oven is at the correct temp take the cookies out the freezer and place in the oven on the middle rack and bake for 8mins.

These cookies are small so watch the first batch carefully as every oven is slightly different.

While this recipe is not difficult to make, it is a little time consuming but totally worth it when you see your rainbow cookies!

Please tag me in your photos if you give this a try , I’d love to see them.


P.S.This recipe is my own but the shape idea came from a picture off Pinterest by http://www.rosannapansino.com

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