I’m Claire.


I love rainbows, I love bright colours and I LOVE sprinkles! I have been known to be a little over zealous with my use of sprinkles but you know how they end up everywhere? For the next week or so you find 2 or 3 every time you move something in the kitchen…those are sprinkles in the wild!


This is my very first blog post. This is a big leap for me as I’m not very good with words, in fact most of my friends would probably describe me as abrupt. I don’t mean to be like that but thats just me. So wish me good luck and here we go…


I’m originally from Durban, South Africa but currently live in Hamburg, Germany with my hubby, 2 kiddies & 2 dogs.


I’m starting this blog as a portfolio for my baking, I really enjoy custom baking from home but I am currently unable to do so and hope to be able to use this as reference for when I can pick it up again.


I hope you will enjoy it.


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